1. Locally hand made jewelry in natural and recycled materials.

2. The most beautifully unique natural crystals and minerals from all over the world. 


AU specializes in selling top quality crystals and minerals that have been carefully hand picked for their unique beauty, meaning and healing properties.

The crystals and minerals you find at AU are all natural. This means no artificial coloring or metal coating. 



Our dynamic assortment provides many options, and we recommend that you take time to explore and get a sense of which ones you are most attracted by. Each and every stone has its own distinct characteristics.

We provide ‘intention suggestions’ for each category but we encourage you to find your own. Whether it be to enrich your physical space with the natural beauty of crystals, or work with them for their healing properties, we are happy to help and assist with additional information. 


Throughout time humans have worked with crystals for spiritual purposes.

We believe that in this time crystals can provide a way for the individual to create a spiritual practice and build a bridge between your physical world and spiritual world. In your everyday life they can be beautiful physical reminders that visually represent your intentions, values and goals. 

In that way they can be viewed as a tool to assist your focus.

Many throughout time have experienced mental and physical benefits from working with crystals especially during meditation. 

Instead of us telling you what those benefits might be, we strongly encourage you to discover them for yourself and find what is true for you. 

What are your immediate emotions? 

Which words would you associate?

How does the material, texture and color resonate with you? 

Where do you feel like placing them in your physical space? 

Where do you feel like placing them on your body?